Documentação para freecycle no português

For the english speaking:
Glerm, a nice person from Brazil, wrote a complete documentation for Freecycle in portuguese.
You can find it here: Estudio Livre: Freecycle along with many others portuguese docs about various Linux multimedia applications.

And if your portuguese is good, take a look at the estudio livre website. It aims to be a portal for media applications on Linux.
A big thumb up and muito obrigado to Glerm.


  1. March 20th, 2006 | 06:13


    Hello. I should tell you before that I was translating the docs, but seems you already found. I’ll be working in some tutorials with my compositions and live performance using freecycle and then i’ll try to put in english too. Thanx for this software it’s a very important interface that open source multimedia was missing. As my skills in programming are increasing I hope to study and help with code development too, I think this software focus amazing. greetings… cheers!