Aksy and Freecycle

Hi all,

Recently I was playing with Aksy. Aksy project is providing Akai disk “mounts” via Fuse, so it is possible to drag ‘n drop samples directly from Freecycle to your Akai memory or disk, or to save .AKP files generated with Freecycle directly from within Freecycle, without using the USB key..

As you maybe know, AKAI uses proprietary protocol to upload and download the files to and from the sampler. Filesystem operation (mkdir, del, ..) are done through “sysex-over-usb”.

Walco van Loon, Aksy author has done the tremendous job of reverse engeneering the AKAI protocol and implementing more that 500 AKAI functions. The result is a set of Python libraries, which can then be used via Fuse to mount the sampler data. Of course Aksy is much more than that. There are lot of example scripts which show some of the posibilities of automation of some tasks, ie. you can download the samples directly from the web to your sampler and many, many more.

Aksy works with AKAI Z-series, S56k and MPC samplers.

Regarding Freecycle, the porting to Qt4 was suspended since several months waiting the integration of Qt4.3 in OpenSuSE. I need Qt4.3 because some mandatory functions are present only from this release on (such as untransformable QGraphicsItem*). I hope to integrate the latest libinstpatch developments and finaly make the first beta release after more than 2 years of development. (In fact, I’m not sure i’ll ever go to beta as at every release I can’t help adding some new, cool-but-unstable, feature..:))


* Quizz: Why do I need this functionality ?