Freecycle is out!


I’m happy to announce the immediate disponibility of Freecycle, which is mainly a maintenance release.


  • Solved the minor rendering glich in the “Export chunks” dialog, visible when libinstpatch was disabled
  • Changed the naming schema on slice export
  • Solved the bugs on 64bit platforms (thanks to Jonathan Stowe)
  • The source code is now GCC 4.3 friendly (thanks to Gürkan Sengün)
  • Solved the minor rendering glich in the “Export chunks” dialog, visible when libinstpatch was disabled

The source is available here:

Happy slicing !

ALSA 1.0.14a problems

Hi all,

Just a quick note to inform you that Freecycle won’t work with the latest alsa-1.0.14a. I’ll try to post a bug report at alsa bugtracker ASAP.

If you use Freecycle with Jack, everything shoud be ok.


EDIT: The problem is solved in the final 1.0.14 release

Maintenance branch

Hi all,

I have created the MAINTENANCE_0_6_ALPHA CVS branch. In this branch I’ll backport some important fixes and some feature requests.

  • I have commited the fix for gcc3.4 compilation (soundplayer.cpp, line 77)
  • I have solved the minor rendering glich in the “Export chunks” dialog, visible when libinstpatch was disabled
  • As discussed with Walco van Loon (Aksy project), I have modified the way audio chunks are named.

Instead of saving:


in the given directory ‘foobar’, we are now saving
in the current directory.

I’ll try to reenable SF2 export as I feel this is a valuable but rarely packaged feature. I’ll try to include it in the next, “0.6.1alpha” maintenance release.

All the requests are welcome for the 0.6 series, major issues will be fixed but feature requests will go to the trunk.


PS: From now on, you can checkout MAINTENANCE_0_6_ALPHA branch, I’ll try to release 0.6.1alpha ASAP.

Freecycle officially in Debian!

It happened, finally.

Thanks to the efforts of Guerkan Senguen Freecycle is in Debian (unstable branch). You can get it at

Now it’s up to me to finish the 0.7 incantation and get finally Freecycle out of the alpha stage. With Qt4 it looks quite promissing as the new Canvas code is much much better now. You can follow the work in progres in the CVS (still not in usable state, but compiles, executes and shows the new rendering code).


Aksy and Freecycle

Hi all,

Recently I was playing with Aksy. Aksy project is providing Akai disk “mounts” via Fuse, so it is possible to drag ‘n drop samples directly from Freecycle to your Akai memory or disk, or to save .AKP files generated with Freecycle directly from within Freecycle, without using the USB key..

As you maybe know, AKAI uses proprietary protocol to upload and download the files to and from the sampler. Filesystem operation (mkdir, del, ..) are done through “sysex-over-usb”.

Walco van Loon, Aksy author has done the tremendous job of reverse engeneering the AKAI protocol and implementing more that 500 AKAI functions. The result is a set of Python libraries, which can then be used via Fuse to mount the sampler data. Of course Aksy is much more than that. There are lot of example scripts which show some of the posibilities of automation of some tasks, ie. you can download the samples directly from the web to your sampler and many, many more.

Aksy works with AKAI Z-series, S56k and MPC samplers.

Regarding Freecycle, the porting to Qt4 was suspended since several months waiting the integration of Qt4.3 in OpenSuSE. I need Qt4.3 because some mandatory functions are present only from this release on (such as untransformable QGraphicsItem*). I hope to integrate the latest libinstpatch developments and finaly make the first beta release after more than 2 years of development. (In fact, I’m not sure i’ll ever go to beta as at every release I can’t help adding some new, cool-but-unstable, feature..:))


* Quizz: Why do I need this functionality ?

New packman repository

New packman repository (SuSE) added in the download section .

Features page added

Freecycle site has got a new features page.

Screenshots page added

Freecycle site has got a new screenshots page.

new SuSE packages, static builds and other distros packaging Freecycle

Two static builds and packages for SuSE 9.3 and 10.0 are now available for the new Freecycle 0.6alpha version.

You can find them on the download page.

Freecycle 0.6alpha is out!!

This new release replaces the PortAudio and PortMidi support with Alsa and
alsaseq. PortAudio and PortMidi are still supported on systems without alsa.
As a minor feature, Freecycle now provides the Bark scale for spectrogram
plotting, which enhances the visibility of the audio wave in the frequency
domain. Some bugfixes and minor optimisation as always..

Source is available here:

Suse binaries + deps (thanks to

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