Beatmatching algorithms

  • Freecycle
    • Amplitude domain
    • Frequency domain
  • Aubio
    • Complex domain
    • Phase based
    • Spectral difference
    • High frequency content
    • Modified Kullback Liebler
    • Weighted Kullback Liebler

Audio output

  • OSS (Threaded)
  • ALSA (Threaded)
  • Portaudio (Callback)
  • Jack (Callback)
  • Automatic detection of the sound layer and connection to JACK ports

Midi input

  • Portmidi (Threaded)
  • ALSA Sequencer (Threaded)
  • Runtime, on the fly, MIDI devices detection

Export options

  • Wave
  • Midi file
    • Auto-assignement of missing notes to locked beatlines
  • Akai AKP file with sound slices assigned to MIDI notes
    • 16bit, 24bit, even 32bit floating point (future AKAI ?)
  • Separated audio slices
  • SoundFont2 with separated slices assigned to MIDI notes

Amplitude Envelope

  • Applied between two locked beatlines
  • Non destructive envelope editing
  • Five stages non linear (Bézier) envelope
    • Attack (Bézier)
    • Hold (Linear)
    • Decay (Bézier)
    • Sustain (Linear)
    • Release (Bézier)
  • Envelope duration period controller
  • Envelope precision controller (TODO)
  • Three end modes for the envelope
    • end: After the duration period the envelope is desactivated
    • cont: After the duration period the amplitude is maintaned at release (0) or sustain level
    • next: The sustain level is maintained until before the next locked beatline, then release gets applied


  • Fully integrated LADSPA
  • Non destructive LADSPA editing
  • Four possible input sources per LADSPA audio input
    • From Left channel
    • From Right channel
    • From Left + Right
    • 0 (outputs 0 to LADSPA plugin)
  • Four possible output sources from LADSPA audio output
    • To Left channel
    • To Right channel
    • To both channels
    • To null (The output from LADSPA is voided)
  • Double plugin mode (Usefull for mono plugins when applied to stereo signal)
  • Full LADSPA input control ports automation with four edit modes
    • point by point
    • Line
    • Polyline
    • Bézier spline
  • Hardcoded LADSPA control resolution (evaluated every 1024 frames)

Drag ‘n drop

  • Inside Freecycle
  • From Freecycle to any Qt drag’n drop enabled application
    • Konqueror, Konsole, … (saves the audio file)
    • Muse (drops the audio slice)
    • Rosegarden (drops the audio slice)
    • Freecycle (drops the audio slice between two locked beatlines)
  • To Freecycle from any Qt drag ‘n drop enabled application
    • Konqueror (imports the wave between two locked beatlines)
    • Freecycle (drops the audio slice between two locked beatlines)
  • Non destructive, stacked, audio slice drop with the ability to switch between different stacked slices

Scene management

  • 8 scene slots with assignable stacked slices
  • Switching between scenes switches the stacked audio slices

Spectrogram plotting

  • High precision spectrogram output
  • Adjustable FFT parameters (Frequency and time domain)
  • Rectangular, Hanning and Gauss windows
  • Zero or signal padding
  • Adjustable lower and upper frequency plot
  • Bark scale (24 critical bands of hearing)


  • Intuitive, user and mouse friendly graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive, human readable, xml based project saving
    • Saves waves,envelope information, stack and scene information, LADSPA automation, locked beatlines and assigned midi notes
  • Internal 32bit audio processing
  • Open source, GPLed and absolutely FREE application

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